"Evil? More like positively vexing. My concurrent shipments from Orr are held indefinitely and this puts me in an ambiance most foul. Perhaps the abundant mass of minions will provide me with some supplementary research material….

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"I honestly don’t recall what my first word was… But given what I’ve heard other cubs say, it was likely not something fit for company."

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"I hate lemons!"

(Referencing: http://youtu.be/T6i5qHHXjz0 )

"Shhh! It’s an Angry Inquest Mob… what did you do, Veyll!?"

Why do I consistently attract these kind of questions.

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"What a marvelous idea I have…It must be made into reality."

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"As Demitorah and Myself maintain our lab within Lions Arch and I am on leave from the Pact we will likely spend the evening handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. And a happy Halloween to you as well!"

"The most memorable? Oh, there’s been countless adventures and campaigns, especially in Orr. Of course, my favorite part of Orr is leaving. This asura set up a great little place to wash off all the undead blood & ichor…

…Some quite fond memories there.” ~Grathnor Silverclaw